Grappling hook?

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  • This is going to sound a bit selfish, but has anyone ever made a grappling hook or anything in Construct? Maybe a list of Events that are in a demo file, or perhaps a unique, custom-made behavior?

    Or, if nothing else, would anyone know a good way to about getting started on doing that? I tried a bit with the Physics behavior, but wasn't really able to get anywhere with it. Should it be done with basic X/Y events between the player, chain, and grappling point? Or with a behavior of some kind?

    Regardless of how I end up getting it made, I'm thinking of using that skewing ability I saw in that lightning demo to make the chain look like one seemless "rope" instead of hovering balls. ^^;

  • I could probably whip something up. I'll see if I can have something up later.

  • you cant regrapple because i gave up on this, good luck getting your head wrapped around its an old uncommented thing from months ago

    shift is to release from the pendulum ... leid=40759

  • BUMP: did you forget about this?

  • Nope, didn't forget. ^^ Just have internet connection, I can't surf the web often. Hm, you tried to make something yourself? Neato. ^_^

    And linkman's considering trying to help make one? ^^ Spiffy! Thanks. ^_^ If not, that's fine. I just hope that asking for people for some things around here doesn't sound too selfish. @ And nobody has to make one either, but if they'd like, that'd be appreciated as well!

    I'll download your example and see what it's like. ^^

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  • Holy crap, that grappling hook example of your's is awesome. Too bad though that yeah, you can't re-grapple onto it. If you could find a way for it to initially grapple onto that point in the first place, that would be perfect. I even love how there's momentum on it with pressing the left and arrow keys. Even using the up and down keys to lengthen and shorten the connection is awesome.

    Just slap on a limit to how short you can make the connection, and a limit to how long, along with a character sprite that rotates with the connection, and that would be perfect. I'd try seeing if I could create a custom action with a key where the character fires out the connecton to the grapple point if they're within range. It could be a rotated animation similar to the grappling's connection in that example. Maybe, like, the character would automatically have a lock-on to certain grapple points they're near. Or maybe just have the connection shot forward, Super Metroid style. That grappling's even smoother than Super Metroid's at that.

  • Bleh, sorry about forgetting about this. I actually did whip up an example that included grappling, regrappling, and lengthening/shortening the cable, but I got a little busy and didn't remember to post it. As soon as I'm on my main computer I'll post it for you.

  • thanks for the kind words kisai! its inheretly going to be smoother than metroid. i could probably make it better than it is right now, because i knew alot less back then.

    btw linkman

    i sent you some sounds for WITE on TDC a while back ... 3&show=all

    it should be down near the bottom

  • I apologize for bumping an old thread, but the link on this one doesn't work and I was wondering how to go about making a grappling hook for a game idea I had. Would either of you, QuaziGNRLnose or linkman2004, still happen to have the examples of how to do this?

    Willhostforfood seems to not have the file anymore. And linkman2004 you said you have an improved version of this, which I would really like to see if you still have it. Thanks.

  • Bump again.

    The wheels move slowly around here sometimes xD

    Good things come to those who wait


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