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  • Hello, im new at construct, but i didnt found nothing about it.

    Can i make packages containing the maps and the resources for my game? And load on my game when it requests to?

    I dont want to update the entire executable just because 1 new scenario (Game update).

    Thank you

  • Yes, you can build a level editor and use that to create maps to load. As far as loading new graphics, that would be a bit trickier, but it's also doable. You can load animation frames to sprites from files at runtime. You could even script things like cutscenes or enemy AI and such with your own custom scripting system, saved as text files.

    It would take a lot of prep-work and organization to create entirely new game content without changing the .exe, but it could be done.

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  • Hmmmm

    If i can at least use map packages its ok for me. I can start with that ;D

    But how can i do that? How can I create maps at runtime based on the loaded map script?

    Using python?

  • Nah, you don't need Python for that. I built a map maker for my game based on David's example:

    He uses text that is copied to the clipboard, but you can alter his source to save the text as a text file. Which I also did.

  • Nice!

    Thank you! I will start from that

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