good idea to use CC for my game?

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  • Hello,

    I have an idea of casual game. it will be adventure game with some puzzles, but not classic adventure. there will be main character, but player will not control him, but control the scene (and it will influence character of course). So it will feel like player is "helping" character.

    I have finished a small project before, so I can imagine how much work will it be, so I need to choose carefully best game engine for it.

    Since construct classic is not under development now, is it a good idea to use it? Or do you know about some other game engine (easy for use and for fast development) which will fit best?

    game will not be much complicated (story will be told with many and many animations, there will be some puzzles, but not very hard).

    But I need to make classic "user" switch, which most casual games has. Is it easy to make it with CC? I will also need window/fullscreen option and more things which are common on casual games. Is it easy to make it with CC, or is there a better solution?


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  • The better solution is C2. I'm assuming you need EXE export, and when awesomium's new version comes out, Ashley has said he's going to look into making an EXE wrapper with it.

    CC could manage it, but I can't recommend using it when C2 is there and is so much better in many, many ways.

  • thanks,

    but I really need good working exe, so I will start with classic. and later, when exe export for C2 will works perfectly, I can switch to C2

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