Glow does not show?

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  • Hi guys, stumbled upon Construct recently and it really is fun! I'm already playing with it although finals are just around the corner <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Been trying to make my sprite (a ball) glow by using the add effects option, but there seems to be no effect when i press Run All... How do I make my ball glow like a lantern?

    Help appreciated!

  • Glow seems to work by shifting the opacity and brightness of things - so it won't make a glow around your object. The way to achieve this is to add Blur Horizontal, Blur vertical and then Glow.

    If you plan to have many glowing things I'd suggest putting them on a separate layer and using the above mentioned as Layer Effects, this saves resources.

  • Ooh I see! Thanks! Now it's glowing and blurry like a star!

    I love glowy stuff. Can I do the same to text? I tried and turns out it's kinda hard to read the text =X

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  • These effects are optimised for performance so getting quality glow for smaller things like text may be hard. So your options are to either make it bigger or (if it's static, like a part of the interface) make the text glow in a graphics app and then just put it right in.

  • Ah! Great idea, totally got wrapped up in Construct i forgot i can use an external app... Thanks again Somebody! [:D]

    Ooh I love this place! [:D]

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