Global xbox controller object problem..

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  • Hi all, does anyone know if there is an issue with the xbox controller object set to GLOBAL across layouts? it seems to crash my preview.

    saved to test caps to see if anyone has the same issue...

    A BUTTON makes a sprite appear, START jumps back and forth between layouts.

    2 xbox controller object instances over 2 layouts = OK!

    controller instance set to global = NOT OK!

  • heh ....

    Euhm ...

    You just need to add the controller object to your project once ... and you can reference it in any layout.

    and you dont have to add more controller objects, you reference them in the one object with an index number.

    And .. I've never set it to global ... not even sure whats the purpose for that on that object.

    EDIT: whoops this is contruct classic, sorry, I don't know if this applies there too.

  • I had it crash initially after pressing START (loading and pressing A was fine), but after changing the second layout to switch on the BACK button instead of START it no longer crashes. Is that the same for you?

    If so, then it's mainly because the check for START being pressed is happening so fast it probably triggers on both sheets and that causes a freeze in game logic.

    Changing layouts quickly/pressing both still causes the crash, so I would put a timer variable in that gets reset every time the layout changes and prevents transitioning between layouts for at least a second or two after the new layout has begun running.

    Hope that helps!

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  • intriguing! Ok I will have a look very soon and see what happens... thanks as always!

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