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  • a few questions on global objects... when i make an Xaudio object global, it only works if i run the entire application (ie. run an individual layout, and it doesn't work.)

    -global sprites... they're usually invisible on the next layout. since they aren't fully documented yet, can someone fill me in on exactly how they work?

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  • Global sprites shouldn't go invisible - marking them global simply means they don't destroy at the end of the layout, and that they appear in all event sheet editors.

    The global XAudio2 thing is a known problem - running a layout won't create it because the object is on the first layout. The best solution I can think of is to have two global variables, 'debug' and 'layout' - have on start of layout on the first layout, if debug = 1, jump to layout global('layout'). Then always preview the entire application, and to preview one layout, set the global variables.

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