Getting opacity from another object?

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  • I have a Sprite3 that creates Sprite4s all the time.

    The Sprite3 is fading out with fade-behaviour and I want Sprite3 to create Sprite4 that has the same opacity as the Sprite3 is having at the moment of creating Sprite4.

    (I'm also using fade-behaviour on Sprite4)

    I don't get how to do this...

    I've tried stuff like this:

    --> Sprite4: Set opacity to "Sprite4.Opacity = Sprite3.Opacity"

    and this:

    --> Sprite4: Set fade maximum opacity to "Sprite4.Opacity = Sprite3.Opacity"

    They don't work. Any help?

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  • I am confused by the "Sprite4.Opacity = Sprite3.Opacity"

    What it should be is just Sprite3.Opacity

    That is, try:

    Sprite4: Set fade maximum opacity to "Sprite3.Opacity"

  • You might try going without the fade behavior and make your own.

    Or download the new version of sin that David just made, and use its opacity setting instead.

    It does give the correct opacity readings btw.

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