Generally lost... Need some tutoring.

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  • So, after brief stints with MMF2D and Torque, I was introduced to Construct.

    The program, as far as my knowledge of 2D design programs go, instantly clicked. Slick and manageable interface. Not to mention free.


    I am quite lost on how to operate the finer points of it... I may be missing basic information which I am unable to find on the forums/wiki. (The wiki also seems to be out of date.)

    I'm looking for some basic tutoring by IM/Skype so I can start working with Construct properly.

    That's about it and thanks in advance.

  • Hi. Experience with MMF generally translates to Construct at some level, once you'll get a grip you'll quickly notice how powerful Construct is compared to MMF. It's generally advisable to start with the Ghost Shooter and other tutorials, they'll show the basic workings on the software. ... =Tutorials

    The wiki indeed is a bit outdated and there isn't very extensive documentation either but looking at other people's caps can be a good starting point. Also to get an idea of the theory of development on Construct the wiki has numerous pages describing good practices.

  • Actually, once a quite helpful person on the on-site chat directed me on how to assign movement, I became more at ease.

    I did look at ghost shooter, but now thinking... Probably should've taken a better look.

    Thanks for the reply, though.

  • That means me nah I wish I could be more helpful but a bit hard atm :/ but I hope we will see later^^

  • I did look at ghost shooter, but now thinking... Probably should've taken a better look.

    QFT. Please take heed.

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  • The reason I had not taken a closer look are due to 2 misconceptions:

    Knowing the interface well enough and feeling confident in my skills in MMF2D being applicable. Showed myself right. Not a mistake I'll do again, anyway. I'll go through whole tutorials now.

  • yeah I meant for others who might be reading this thread =)

  • Ah. Heh.

    Good to know I am a point of good example.

    I think we can stop bumping the derailing the topic XD

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