Gang fights, music, and user control

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  • Can the following things be done, and if so could you give me some code examples?

    1. Custom Soundtracks: The user fires up my game, and then clicks some type of option in the game that allows him to open his hard drive and then select a music track. The user can then take the track and assign it to any number of situations in the game. For example:

    -Finds special item in the game --- user's chosen music plays

    -User wins at something --- user's chosen music plays

    -User clears a board --- user's chosen music plays

    -User dies --- user's chosen music plays

    2. Choosing a group of things to use --- say there were a number of different gangs in the game all wearing different colors. At the beginning of the game, you'd have to choose which gang you wanted to be versus which gang you wanted to fight. So you want to pick the Green gang, and then choose to fight the Orange gang.

    What would you have to do in order to set up a selection in events where you could choose which gang you want to be versus the game you want to fight?

  • Don't have time now to show something about how to do that (I will after monday if no one has yet) but wanted to make a comment.

    Chances are your gamers aren't going to have sfx files hanging around to use unless they're making games themselves. It could still be a neat thing to have for death scenes, take out some of the bite ...and get a laugh about "Don't Worry, Be Happy" or something similar playing as they pass away into the sweet unknown.

    You could still do something like Mario Vs Donkey Kong (I just recently played it) where the player can select from packs of sounds you already put into the game...or if you want to set up a website where they could download packs.

    Not trying to tell you not to do it, its your game, just rethink and see if you still like it.

  • Haha, I like the title of this thread

    It sounds to me like a question about allowing the end user to put in his own custom soundtracks that trigger when an event happens. The best example I can think of is with a football game called NCAA Football 09 for XBOX 360. The way it worked was, the game gave you a series of events like:

    1st down

    3rd down




    And then the end user would select one of the above events, then it would open their XBOX 360 hard drive where the end user could search for a music track that they wanted to play for the specified event. Lots of people have music on their hard drives (I think just about every PC comes with pre-loaded classical music), and of course there is free music all over the place on the net, so the end user finding material to use wouldn't be a problem at all. Thing is for the program creator, how the heck do you do it in Construct? That I don't know. It's not something I've ever considered doing with the program, I'd bet there is a way it can be done though.

    If someone knows, this is one of those things that should be wiki'ed, because custom soundtracks is a great feature.

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  • ^Yeah, that's what I'm trying to do. I remembered some games back a console generation or so that let me play my own soundtracks in games and set when they played. I used to really love it with the racing games. I wish more game allowed event-based custom trax.

    I'm very interested in what you have MisfitBYTE. I agree with Ray, something like this would be wiki worthy for sure.

  • Haven't started it yet but the music part shouldn't take too long if things work how I believe they will.

    edit: Finished a down/dirty version of the music handling. Sadly it only works with .wav files for now.

    I'm gonna post it in the tutorial section as well, let me know what ya'll think or if you know how to get around the .wav issue.

  • Wow, that kicks ass, MisfitBYTE! I'm going to use this and see if I can incorporate it into my project.

    Thanks a bundle!

  • Glad to help.

  • Woohoo, I was wrong!

    It only plays wave files if you're just doing autoplay file.

    If you Play MUSIC from file, it works with mp3 and midi as well.

  • ^^^ Kicking more ass? I think so

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