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  • I work on a cathode ray tube-- the most superior of all display devices-- however, most people use LCD moniters, and they are bright! Brighter than I want my game to appear on their screens! Is there a way to configure everyone's screens to the brightness level I want?

  • no, unfortunately.

    Most brightness controls are on the monitor itself, with no software interface. At least not a universal one you can program without proprietary software.

    You could do one of those brightness things, where you tell the player to turn down the brightness until a symbol is barely visible

    but for in game brightness controls, other than like making a big transparent black square over everything I can't think of a way you could do it.

  • Well I guess I will just have to steal a friends LCD and get some sort a dual monitor setup going-- so that I can be conscious of how it looks both ways-- because I really love my CRT, but I am in a minority !

  • For color, contrast and vibrance, CRT still has everything beat. I've been hearing good things about OLED, but they're still too expensive.

  • For sprites you could use a color filter. Just add all the sprite objects to a family,add a variable, then set the family color filter to rgb(variable,variable,variable).

    With the slider changing the variable to 0-255.

  • Or even easier, you could set the color filter of the layer.

  • Yeah! Playing around with color filters and opacity seems to just about do the trick! I haven't heard of OLED-- if they are better than these eye killing LCDs then I support them fully!

  • gamma is only possible through shaders, brightness is as lucid said, a big black square.

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  • True, 255 would be the absolute color of the sprite.

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