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  • Hi everyone

    Is it possible to set your game on "Xbox or PS2 / PS3?" If i have an complete game written in "Construct /" & nou i want to translate that to Xbox or PS2 / PS3?

    If that is possible! how may i do that?

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  • With C0.x, no. With C2, not currently, tho Aeal is working on an experiment to get a (curently very, very basic) game onto XB360:

    Basically you'd have to write your own exporter or convert the .caproj file somehow. It's not a minor task, but it is possible with C2!

  • I don't think Sony would approve.Maybe for the xbox360 , But then again the trouble would be to buy a licence from Microsoft in order to use CS2 with XNA studio.You would have to buy a dev kit from Sony to create games on thier consoles.Then there's that dreaded licence again and believe me Sony is not cheap when it comes to buying a licence to create games on thier hardware.

  • I am slowly adding features to the converter. Im adding in events right now its proving to be a bit of a pain but ill get it eventually. Not to mention im right in the middle of the semester but I would like to test in on the 360 soon. The biggest thing is you would have to compile the game from visual studio for the final converter it will make the project and everything for you so it would be a simple matter of compiling it and running it on the 360, but that is still a while off.

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