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  • I added some new things to my game Plankton Pistol and took it to test on a different computer but all I get is a Runtime Error

    'Failed to load plugin: C:\Documents and Settings\InsertNameHere\Local Settings\Temp\cap217D.tmp\5.csx (126)'

    I believe the problem is caused by my using an INI file, but I made a number of other changes since last testing it on this older computer so can't be sure. I think I might have to switch to using the hash tables, but want to find out if the INI is actually the problem before I start retooling my save system.

    Can someone tell me if thats the plugin for INI files or something else? (Btw, its in the older version, not 99.4)

    If you've already downloaded the new version of the game (since Aug 13), then the .cap was in the download. If not and would like just the .cap file, then let me know if I should post it here or in the Uploads section.

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