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  • First Hello and very thanx for this superb programm Construct

    I make in one day what i made in few month with XNA not the fault of Xna but to my brain .

    Sorry for the english, i'm from France.

    So my problem: I'm a new user and i want to make a little game like MyBrute:

    with Just 2 sprite fight eatch other without user command in turn by turn "automatic".

    I don't see a tutorial with turn by turn or i missed it and i'm affraid i'm going to the bad direction with test with position...

    Can someone help me with a little exemple plz or the main idea to proceed

    And thx again for Construct and all for the works.

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  • I would get stuck into this idea with lots of variables. Each character would need a set of variables, health, attack, speed, dodge, luck etc etc which you would calculate together for each desired result.

    Like so

    PlayerAttack(2)*PlayerAttackSpeed(2)+PlayerAttackLuck(random(2)=5 - EnemyDodge(random(3))= 4 damage

    I would set the timing of the turns by variables as well, but i believe there are timer objects and so on within Construct that would do the job.

    I believe the hardest part of this would be making some sort of logic for what the characters will be doing with their turns.

    If PlayerHealth less than 5 - Use Potion which has a value of (random(5)) etc

    But just like the rest of this it would just come down to having the right amount of conditions for the game to choose from with random atributes to give a really dynamic result.

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