Game freezing when going throught portal?

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  • Hi, I'm having a problem whenever I touch one of my portals the game freezes and I force quit it.

  • Why? Becouse you did an infinite loop, you have to disable changing position after touching portal with event like "Is overlaping & Touched_Orange=1 (some variable)"

    Becouse it goes like this after touching one portal.

    Player Touched Orange = Teleport to Blue

    Player Touched Blue = Teleport to Orange

    Infinite loop!

    Edit: On second though it's not the Infinite loop thats locks the game (yet its still buggy) but the fact that you want to teleport the player into Block.

  • So how would I fix my player teleporting into block.

  • By Creating Image point thats out of portal so there is no way of teleporting into Block.

    <img src="">

    Orange=Portal and DarkBlue=Player

    Btw this ex. is made for 270 angle.

  • Thanks. But could you explain to not get an infinite loops in more detail.

  • Well now without touching the portals every time you teleport there should be no problem with that.

  • I just got another question kinda related. you can fire 2 portals somehow of the same type and I don't know whats causing it?

    Also is there any way for the portals to go parallel with block?

  • 1.)You have "Player Private Value 'Orange' greater than 1" it should be greater than 0

    2.) "go parallel with block"???

  • So it would look like this when you fired the portal

    <img src="">

    instead of this

    <img src="">

  • Simple, Properties -> Angle -> Rotations = N angles, and below change Rotation Count to 4.

  • Sorry I don't really understand what I have to do?

  • Change properties of Portals like i said.

  • I just found it out I was looking in the wrong place. is there any way for it to be flat with another surface if its at an angle?

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  • is there any way for it to be flat with another surface if its at an angle?


  • Like this

    <img src="">

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