Game Fails with too much Computars

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  • Im making a game similar to Zillion for the Sega Master System. I have yet to make anything a challenge but Basically you jump around (press x)shoot the containers (press Z), activate the buttons (Press Up) and then with all four lit up you can activate the computer and go through the door to the next room. You can also use elevators with UP and Down (even when its not visable, easily fixed once I fix this problem) I had it perfectly set up and then all of a sudden I ran into something strange.

    When I tried to place the next batch of 4 containers, a door, and a computer, everything started failing. The first two rooms would work fine but then you couldn't use any more computers.

    Here is the game as it is suppose to be:

    Here it is with an extra room that screws everything up

    Can anyone help me fix this problem?

    P.S. all the lame graphics = made by me with construct animation editor. Music by djpretzel from Sounds from sound snap, blah blah everything will be fully credited once I finish this.

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