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  • Ok... so I'm making a slot machine game. I found to help me with the spinning, but the last thing with the +1 I couldn't figure out. My slots do spin, but aren't random... they just all spin together at the same time. Also, not all of my pictures in the animation are showing up. Another issue I'm having is my buttons won't disable when I want them to. They were working fine until I made the slots spin, but now they won't disable for some reason.

    Slot located at:

    Email me at if interested in helping so I can send you the project.

    This is my first time trying to make a game and could use some help. I'm sure i'm going about it all wrong by using back and front and invisible to show and hide things instead of using layers, but that's not an issue for me... probably more work though haha. Anywho... anyone kind enough to help me with this I'd appreciate it.

    I've made maps for Starcraft Broodwar and Starcraft 2... and have made Tic Tac Toe in Visual Basic... figured I'd try making a game for facebook since it has a wider market for players.

    Basically the issues are... the pictures don't all show up on the reels. The reels all spin at the same time and stop at the same time. When you click the Pay Table button the Spin button and the Lobby button don't disable like they're supposed to.

  • I'm not sure how it works since I didn't download the example .capx, but I'm assuming it uses animations so at the start of the event, set it to a random frame. If it has 10 frames you do int(random(11)) I believe. Maybe (9))? Try the 2.

  • Aha figured out the picture issue with the spins. I had it to do +1 if the time was < 5 instead of > 5... not sure how that happened... explains why it would constantly spin when opening it and why i had to disabled that event. Also they don't stop spinning at the same symbols anymore which is good. Only issue left is that when you click the Pay Table button the Bet/Spin button is refusing to disable >.<

  • Ok... fixed it a different way. If the pay table is visible I set it to disable the spin button... not sure why, but this worked and it wouldn't when clicking the pay table button, but it did.

    Now comes the fun part... I need to somehow figure out how to link it to facebook where facebook will store the users credits that they exited the game with so that they don't lose them.

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  • So anywho... this is what I have so far...

    Alright now for the only things I haven't been able to figure out on my own so far. I want to have it so that when a player exits the game on facebook, their credits are saved so that they have that amount when they start up the game next time. Also want to incorporate sales of credits. Also I need to figure out how to check to see if the results of the spins are winning combinations or not. And how to subtract from the credits that are displayed on the screen. Also want a daily or hourly bonus that people can collect like most facebook slot games have... no idea how to do that though.

    Might be able to figure this stuff out on my own, might not. Figure I may as well post it here in case somebody wants to give me a clue as to what to do... as right now I'm a complete beginner at this.

    EncryptedCow when you said int(random(11)) that's what helped me solve all spin related issues. I had int(random(7Reel1.AnimationFrameCount+1)) as part of an event... when I started the game it would have the reels spinning instantly. Couldn't figure out why, so I just disabled that event. When I figured out that that event was probably what was supposed to make my pictures appear I looked into it. Noticed I had it for when the animation speed was < 5 it would run that event. It was supposed to be under when the animation speed was > 5. Simple misplacement... moved it and whole issue was solved. As far as the button not disabling... no clue what was up with that... it worked, then all of a sudden it didn't. Didn't change any of the events or anything. When I clicked the pay table button everything else it was supposed to do happened, but that one button refused to disable... tried tried tried and tried again... just couldn't get it. Figured out that if I put that the pay table (not button) was visible on the screen and then had it disable the button because of that it would work though... so solved the issue, just not how I wanted to with having it disable when clicking the pay table button.

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