Game crashing for unknown reason

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  • I've been working on this one engine, and well, whenever i try to run it, it crashes! So i tried and exausted every possibility to solve the glitch, and i did manage to figure out what was causing the crashes.... That one group of events that happens to be crucial for the engine's working -.-

    Sooo... I think the best way to solve this is to have someone more intelligent/experient than me (Read: Anyone) look at my .cap file and tell me what is wrong...



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  • Well, I've had a quick look and it's only the "positions sensors (see sub events)" event that causes the problem, not the whole group. I'll keep looking to see what the problem is within that loop.

  • Cool, thanks man!

  • Change the "is overlapping" conditions in events 57, 58 ang 59 to "is overlapping at offset (0,0)" and it will stop crashing. This solution was found by trial and error as your events logically have nothing wrong with them.

    Also your curved slope object probably needs to be a sprite, because tiledbackground objects don't have perpixel collisions.

  • Yup that did the trick! Thanks!

    Also, might as well use the same topic to ask another question:

    So, i managed to get the "X" movement (X is in quotes because, well, it doesn't really lock to X) now i'm trying to implement gravity and stuff, and it doesn't seem to be working all that well, the gravity seems to work all right, but i can't seem to get the character to jump, when i press the key (with debug on) the values seem to change for a fraction of a second and than go back to 0... I'm pretty sure this is some kind of basic mistake, and i'm just too stupid to figure it out on my own... So... Help, please?


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