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  • It's probably a known bug, but when I switch modes in my game, going back to windowed mode after being in full screen mode causes the background to dissappear. Or is it caused my my large background image?

    Anyhow, just so you can see where I'm at here the compiled exe.

    z - jump

    x - attack

    f - toggle fullscreen


    There are tiny control bugs I need to fix, and the dagger explosions need to be added tomorrow. Will also add an enemy or two to kill If I can get a little more free time. I'm doing this stuff when I should be sleeping - I will now get 4 hours of sleep before work, LOL!

    I'm having a lot of fun with this! Sprite ripping takes more time than making the game...

  • BG doesn't disappear here..

    Also an .exe doesn't really help. Can you reproduce the bug in another .cap?

  • Hmmm... I haven't had time to test it on anything but the netbook I'm building it on. And the integrated video in this thing is total underclocked garbage too... I'll try it on my old quad core with an nvidia card in it when I get a chance. Chances are that it's the fantastic video driver, and since it's a netbook I won't be bending over backwards to make it work on here.

    If the problem persists between my other pcs, I'll post my cap.

    On that note, I've noticed whenever I ran fullscreen on my other pcs in my earlier builds (directly from Construct, not a compiled exe) it takes forever for construct to actually open up again. It will hang with the (not responding) garbage in the window bar for like a minute and then load up the textures again. I'm assuming that this is because Construct actually uses DirectX to run itself?

    Is the game running smoothly for you? I disabled motion blur and had to redo all the timings in the game... that was an odd glitch.

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  • Nice... I totally missed a bug in the duck routine. It's fixed on my end. But in the current demo once you fall off or jump off of a pole you can no longer duck. Forgot to set a flag to zero and add an 'if sprite on ground' to the duck routine. All is well now lol.

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