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  • is it possible to change game mode to full screen?

    I mean if game is for example 800x600, but screen is 1600x1200 if it is possible to stretch it over screen...

  • There's a lovelly option here called "search".

    first example from "search"

  • sorry, i couldnt find it...


  • That's not fullscreen, and it blurs the display.

    Your best bet is doing it this way scirra.com/forum/fullscreen-while-keeping-aspect-ratio-with-bars_topic43714.html

    but it causes a million little problems you're gonna have to work around. It ain't pretty.

  • but it causes a million little problems you're gonna have to work around. It ain't pretty.

    I haven't tried it to use it in a game, but I'm planning to. What should I watch out for?

  • -Layers with 0% scroll rates don't work (That's a massive one. You have to place all your HUD, Pause Menu, and the like manually with events. I've resorted to using a lot of loops and IDs)

    -You need to use the GUI origin Ashley made well, or make your own, because positioning the HUD and stuff is different in windowed and fullscreen.

    -If your game is time-based then, when zoomed in, everything will appear to move by fractions of a pixel. The only way to get around that is to give each moving object an invisible "base", then set the objects position to round(base.x),round(base.y) I said screw it, and hope nobody notices.

    -Magicam won't work in fullscreen

    -"Object is on-screen" doesn't work.

    -Scrollx=0, Scrolly=0 is not the top left of the layout.

    -Plasma object doesn't work.

    -Fontsprite characters get distorted at different zoom levels

    -Text objects are blurry and look horrible when zoomed in

    -You can't set the fontsprite's position, so you'll have to attach it to an object. It still shakes sometimes.

    That's all I can come up with off the top of my head. Have fun!

  • Don't know did I missed something or not, but why not to use just standart 'set fullscreen' action?

  • It doesn't maintain aspect ratio (stretches pixels) and to my knowledge only works properly with larger resolutions. Also I don't think you can adjust the display res in normal fullscreen. Plus it often crashes Construct...and I'm pretty sure a number of the aforementioned problems still arise.

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  • Tokinsom

    Uh, that's lot of stuff to look after! Too much work, I'll skip fullscreen in CC then, and wait for C2 where it should work.

  • Why not go in the application properties and disable the window edges, then make the "window" the size of the whole screen?

  • The plasma object works for me in fullscreen.As do the 0% scroll Rate.And Blurring is inevitable if you want to stretch the sprites or text to fit the screen.I have tried from window to fullscreen and back and haven't had any trouble so far.Maybe it's a driver issue with some users?.

  • i have lots of troubles with fullscreen. i have radeon hd 5870 and newest catalyst

  • I have a Nvidia geforce gtx580 card with the latest gfx drivers.My other pc has a radeon gfx card but i haven't tested any Construct made games on that one yet.

  • I cant get it work :( construct falls very often while I am trying to setup fullscreen.

    I am also considering that game will have the same resolution always (1024x768), but if screen is larger, there will be black frame around it. Is that a possible or it is even harder than fullscreen with pixel scale?

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