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  • Hi there, I've only posted once before about an issue that I was having with one of my games involving some trouble I had with the program crashing every few minutes. And now I am back again with questions about animations.

    I have made three different games now (well... tried to, most of them are fairly incomplete for several reasons) and in each one I haven't been able to get the character animations to work properly. The only success I had was with the Jump animation for one of my games (it doesn't work so well for the other one that has a jump feature) and the walk animation for my enemies in one of my games (the others don't have fully-working enemies yet). What I care about the most is that the player himself does not obey the rules I set down for animation.

    Anyway... I have a few different problems.

    First the walk animations- they don't tend to play when I move, the closest I can get is in my first game the character goes to take his first step and then freezes when he starts moving, only to return to his ready stance afterwards.

    Second the grenade animation- It would just look like he was throwing his grenade at LIGHTNING speeds. But frankly that's not what I was going for... I can't seem to make it finish out the animation before SNAPPING back to the ready stance or walk animations.

    I don't know whether I am just screwing up the commands or whether its just broken. Either way I would like an answer. If you could shed some light on my issues I would be grateful.

    Thanks for your time,


  • The best way to find out what's going on is if someone takes a look at your cap.

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  • The best way to find out what's going on is if someone takes a look at your cap.

    This. Post it up so someone can take a look at it... but more likely than not it's going to be issues with setting animations.

    You may have not looped frames where they should be looped, or need to adjust animation speeds? Who knows. Post up the cap and someone will take a look for you, fix the problem, and tell you where you went wrong.


  • You're all very kind, I really appreciate your time. I wish I could return the favor somehow. Thank you.

    I posted all 3 of my game attempts on

    I haven't credited the Sprites or anything yet so please: don't think they're mine. All three of these are mainly to satisfy my own strange sense of fun than anything else.

    Halo Game:

    Zelda Game:

    40k Game:

    It seems likely that they are all the same issue, I would really like to know what I managed to mess up (It always seems so simple until it doesn't work...)

    Thanks again,


  • I was having the same problems. I just made an event sheet to manage the animations. Doing that gives you a lot more control over them anyhow.

  • I had a look at your Halo and Zelda files. The reason your grenade animation doesn't play in your Halo game is because your tagged animations are interfering with it. You change to the grenade animation, and the Platform behavior automatically switches it back to something else that's tagged in the next frame. Solution: Don't use tagged animations for Platform behavior. Set the Standing, Running, and Jumping animations using events.

    Another thing I noticed in both of those games is that you aren't using a separate hitbox for your player sprite. If you don't then you will run into weird problems. Notice how Link sort of flops up and down on the ground when he runs? And how Master Chief crouches in mid-air and then falls to the ground? Those are the kinds of things that you will run into, along with getting stuck on platforms by your extremities and teleporting through objects. You need to have an invisible rectangular hitbox that doesn't ever change size to use as your Platform Behavior, and then place your player sprite on top of it in order to get solid results.

    Take a look at my Platform School tutorials:

    They will give you the basics that you need in order to make a platform game. They don't work with the latest version of Construct, though. You will need version 0.98.9, which you can find here: ... e/download

    There is some old info in those tutorials but you will at least have a basic understanding of what to do after going through them.

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