Freezing all movement

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  • Hi,

    For the same project I'm talking about here, I need to create something else. I think it's quite simple but I'm not entirely sure.

    I want to create this situation:

    Level starts, zoomed out to see the entire layout, with no physics or movement activated --> sound plays --> trigger on which makes sure that all physics and movement gets activated --> zoom in on character ('Center View').

    For example, I created a level in which at a certain point a yellow ball is found. The design of the level is based on a painting and as we all know, paintings don't move. I want to make sure the visitor sees the unmoving painting before everything starts to move. So the ball floats in the air, the trigger is activated and then gravity should come in, making the ball fall.

    Is there a smooth and quick way to do this, instead of creating global variables for each object that has to move? Not that that's so much effort, but I was hoping anyone would know a quicker way.

    Thanks in advance,

    M. vd Laar

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  • Try using "Set time scale" in the System object actions to set it to 0 until the player presses a certain key to set it back to 1 (normal speed) you can also use it for different speed effects like slow-motion and fast forward.

  • That won't solve the problem if he only want to freeze the movement while anything else goes normal(a particle based cursor for example.)

  • I managed to simply forget about the 'Activation'-options - I just deactivated rotation movement and Ball behavior at the start of the layout and then activated when needed.

    Thanks anyways! *solved*

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