Freefall shooting

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  • "The events that need fixing take place on Layout 3"

    What happens is you equip the minigun, activate it by pressing S and then pressing A to shoot.

    This works just fine on the first platform.

    However if you jump off the platform, shooting no longer works. What I want is for the character to be able to fire while in midair and on the ground, but I can't figure out how to make that happen

  • The cap crashed because it could not locate the sounds?

    Looking at the events on layout 3, you have opted to include 'event sheet main' which contains-

    (main event sheet)

    + Sprite: is jumping

    -> Sprite2: Set animation to "jump"

    I think this is were the animation gets messed up ( i couldn't run it to check )

    Maybe you could add another condition to the above, that only triggers the jump animation if the player is not carrying the gun?

    + Sprite: is jumping

    Sprite2 value 'gun' = 0 )or whatever variable your using)

    -> Sprite2: Set animation to "jump"

    Hope this helps.

  • Here's the cap without any sounds:

    It seems as though after I've moved off the top platform, the bullets still appear when I shoot, but they appear a length below the sprite, so I can't see them.

    <img src="">

    Once I've fallen a good length away from the top platform, they're entirely off screen.

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  • I've discovered the problem is caused by the background layer's vertical scrolling being set to 0. I have no idea why that would affect the shooting, but it seems as though that's the case.

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