Frame rate drops

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  • Hi,

    When I first started making my game, I used to get good frame rates.

    Now all of a sudden, my frame rates are dropping down to 18?!

    Can someone tell me why and when do frame rates drop?!

    Is it due to the objects in the level?! or on screen?! or is it something totally different?!


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  • hi.

    im not much of an expert myself,but have you tried using debug mode to pinpoint the problem?

    recently i struggled with framerate steadily dropping down. turned out that there was an event constantly spawning a new object,while being invisible,that dropped my framerates pretty fast.

    although,i guess it could be anything really,ill let people with more experience than me try to solve this,since im still kinda noob myself lol.

    also, posting a .cap here would help to solve this issue.

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