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  • I have noticed a lot of new topics on these forums, some of which are good some of which could have been answered through doing a search or reading the wiki. In order to facilitate help for all those who need it we have come up with some guidelines to expedite the process. Please follow the steps out lined below:

    1) Do the tutorials. Ghost Shooter and Platform School will teach you a lot about Construct and perhaps answer a lot of your questions.

    2) Check the Wiki. Even though it's not complete it has a good amount of information. Search there if looking for info on an object.

    3) Search the forums. There is search function, so please use it. I realize that it may not be the best a picking things up but sometimes it does work

    4) Post a topic. Finally, if all else fails then post a topic about it. Below I'll outline what should be included in your post...

    When posting a topic in Help/Tech please do all of the folowing:

    1) POST A CAP! (".cap" is the file format Construct saves files in.) Please, PLEASE post a cap showing what trouble you are having. There is nothing worse than trying to troubleshoot from a screen cap because the problem may be in an area that you did not screen cap. Likewise, descriptions alone are often times useless.

    2) BE DETAILED! Please describe what is happening and what should be happening.

    3) Bookmark your events. Especially if you have multiple event sheets. People really don't want to waste time looking through five event sheets.

    3) IF IT'S CRASHING, IT'S A BUG! Post it along with a cap to the SourceForge bug tracker. Try to recreate the bug in the smallest cap possible so that it's easier for the developers to find it and fix it.

  • I don't usually advocate "volunteer moderation", but this is all true and well said. So behold; it be sticky.

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  • I checked with Davo before I posted it there was also a discussion about it in the chat. Its just meant to be guidlines to streamline the help forum so that we can deal with issues quickly. Sorry if I stepped on your toes Ashley

  • No worries. It's cool. Just trying to pre-empt any unwarranted rule-making, but this was needed and I agree with all of it

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