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  • is there a way to force forgetting of picking without it being a crazy workaround

    like I click on a sprite

    first I want to perform a function on that particular sprite

    then I want to destroy all instances of that sprite

    so in between those two, I want to forget the picking

    is there another way besides, making a subevent for each object?

    actually, I just thought of that subevent for each object thing as I was typing my question

    but might as well ask, is there a straight "forget picking" feature somewhere?

  • Have you tried using the Function object to call a function and forget picked objects?

    Using a subevent won't help, because subevents pick from the objects the parent event picked.

  • heh

    yeah I just tried it and it indeed didn't work

    and I was about to use that function technique

    yeah, I'll try that

    btw, I can't rightclick delete action

    it's always greyed out

    I have to hit the delete key, which isn't a big deal

    just wondering if it's just me

  • Another way to manage picking is to use families. Include objects you want to destroy in a family, and destroy the family in that event.

  • tried that drasa

    that just destroys the last family member that was picked

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  • I should work, at least it worked when I did it :P.

    To make it clear: The action you are going to perform with sprite, should be done with the sprite itself. The destroy action should be done to the family. (Or the other way around, but it's easier this way)

    This is because the sprite and the family have separate List of selected objects. When you are talking about family, construct no longer has the exact sprite you chose in the condition, picked.

  • oh sorry

    no I didn't realize

    I wanted to be able to pick from a family

    and destroy that family

  • destroy the family


  • What :D? Did I say something funny?

  • "we're not just objects, and it was you who picked us, and now you're trying to destroy our family!"


  • Hahahaha :DD I see it now. Aren't we Construct users cruel >:D.

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