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  • hi i hope someone could help me.Whenever i try to change the text in the text object it just reverts back to the default font when i try to run the game.I chose the veranda font which is a default windows font but it just goes back to default every time.It shows the change in the editor though but that's as far as it will go.

  • Did you set it up as a DirectX game, or as an application? I've seen that before in applications, but never in a game.

  • A DirectX game which is funny cause it should only do this when it's created as an application.

    <img src="">

    Here is the pic of the problem.Note: In the editor it shows the font but in the game it shows the default font.Im using v99.92 with no Events that are running.

  • Just tried it.

    Same problem here on 0.99.92

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  • Might try changing the original text as well. Guess its possible its hanging from there.


    Confirmed, change the original text.

  • [quote:4k07e2r7]Edit:

    Confirmed, change the original text

    How do i change the original text?

  • when i run the cap as an apllication without directX then the font shows in the application window.This sux bigtime!!.im going back to v99.62

  • The font is way too unstable for me, also I cannot make it show on the foreground either, whenever I try to put it on front it stay's in the back so I have to delete any foreground objects in front of it.

  • This probably isn't very helpful, but you can either use the sprite font plugin or pre-render your text as a .png and create a tiled background (instead of a sprite - which if I understand correctly will use more vram).

    It's dirty, but it gets around the font/text issues until the devs have had time to iron out the bugs in Construct.

  • The text object plugin is very undirectXy anyway (there are other issues I believe). You'll be better off using SpriteFont

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