Fluid in the Showreel

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  • Ok, so everyone has an oblivious question at least once in their life, where the answer is so obvious that it slaps them in the face when they find it. So here's one of my MANY oblivious questions...

    In the Official Construct Showreel, there's this little yellow guy with a cannon shooting goo everywhere...how in the heck did they do that, is it a certain kind of object or a specific plugin? I'm not concerned with the guy and the cannon, just the goo itself. I'm trying like mad to create believable, as-close-to-realistic-water for my HD side-scroller and I'm wondering if this is something I can use for splashes when the character jumps in and out of the water. Any ideas?

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  • talk to Quazi or Davioware they are the brains behind that.

  • talk to Quazi or Davioware they are the brains behind that.

    Yes, those are the famous Quazi Blobbers.

    Basically this works with physics and some effects. So the liquid is actually formed from some orb sprites with physics behaviour attached. They have another orb sprite contained, without any behaviour. This would be the visual part of it, with some effects like colorise and tint plus slapped on the layer... if I remember correctly, but why am I even trying to explain it.

    Take a look here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4322334/blober%20engine.cap

    That's the original example file by QuaziGNRLnose.

    There might be a faster way to do this soon. Since lucid is working on a liquid plugin. Looking forward to that!

  • Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I get a Runtime Error when I try to run the app, but I'll definitely have a look at its inner workings

  • Its pretty simple really. Basically your taking advantage of the alpha so that instead of having semi transparencies, its either visible or not... visible.

    Here's a little lava lamp made in.94


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