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  • I'm currently running the latest version0.9990

    I'm using the caps from

    The problem I have is that I can't replace player %1 with player 1 OR %1 with 1

    Also I noticed the replace command crashes on even fresh projects(although replace all seems to work)

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  • I'm not at home to look at the cap

    But I ve had to use find replace a few times recently

    And I can tell you what I've nopticed.

    First if you try to replace an object name with another object name and the second object doesn't exist or is missing something like a private variable it doesn't have it won't work, and it will give no error. It will crash on most conditions that contain any reference to a function object. Sometimes it will mess up your actions so they look strange in the event sheet, but when you doubleclick and reaccept it its back to normal, and sometimes it will look fine in the event sheet but when you doujbleclick a string is empty instead of containing what it had before the find replace.

    if its a large find and replace operation I would still use it, and try a few different actions or conditions individually, and maybe there is a common thread to the oness that crash.

    Every few successful find replaces save again with a new filename. Not as nice as a fully functional find and replace, but still better than manually changing 50 events

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