File compatibility glitch

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  • I am a new user on comstruct classic and I'm still getting used to the application so I don't know if I've made a mistake or if I've found a glitch.

    I've been working on a simple game (basically a rip off of doodle jump). I opened construct one day and attempted to open the game. When I opened it a alert box showed up that read "this file is not compatible with construct". I've worked really hard on this game and I'm pretty angry that I've lost all of my progress.

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    Unfortunately Construct Classic always did have some very bad glitches, which is why it was made redundant years ago.

    Losing work is is always a possibility if you don't make regular back-ups. You can't really blame anyone else for losing work.

    Only thing I can suggest is to upload your.cap and if any of the old CC regulars see this, they may be able to help, but it would be along shot, unfortunately.

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  • Ok thanks alot

  • Have you tried to delete the .persist file located with your .Cap project?

    Every time I can't open a CC project I simply delete it and then I'm able to open my games again!

  • If it says the file isn’t compatible then it probably is corrupted unfortunately. If you open the file in a hex editor I’d guess it’s all zeros so there is nothing to recover.

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