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  • Hi; I've just began using Construct. I've followed the ghost shooter tutorial, it worked properly but now i've got a few questions.

    I want to know how can i do to add a new level when the player's mission is done? For example, in the ghost shooter game, i want to know how to put a new stage when all the monsters are death.

    Another question; How can i put a menu before starting the game, with the "start" and "quit" options?

    And the last one; How can i run the game in full screen? (Not just a window)

    I speak spanish. I hope you will understand what I'm asking.



  • Most of these things are done in the project tab, which by default is on the right hand side.

    To add a new level you right click on the layouts title and select 'add layout' Or click on an layout you want to duplicate and select 'clone layout'.

    A menu is just another layout, so you would make another one, move it to the top of the list(so it executes first) and add in some buttons that will change the layout.

    And for fullscreen you need to click on 'application 1' in the project tab(top right) then look at the 'properties' tab on the right, there is a lot of options here, and one is a tick box for fullscreen.

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  • Hi; thank you very much!! I understood what you said about the layout. The problem is that i don't know what can i do to make the change from one layout to another. (Do i have to create an event?? Which one??)

    Thanks again!!!

  • Yup, takes an event. You will need a trigger of some sort, such as clicking on a menu button or all ghosts are dead. Then the action you are looking for is under system, there are a bunch of options for changing layout. Hope that helps.

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