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  • Hi, I trying to make a walk animation but all he does is go between the two frames all the time. Also its a bit fast is there anyway to slow the animation down.

    My second question, How would you only limit to 2 jumps.

    Third question, I can't get the bullet fire from where I want, I followed tutorial and it still doesn't work.

  • Basically you use the animator bar to set everything up, select the sprite and the animator bar shows all its animation stuff. If you select an animation or an animation frame, the properties bar will have properties where you can change animation speed etc.

    What do you mean by limiting to 2 jumps?

    Finally, to make bullets fire from a custom position:

    • In the picture editor, move an image point to where you want the bullet to spawn from.
    • In the event sheet editor, when you spawn the bullet, for the 'Image point name or number' parameter enter 1.
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  • How would I jump twice instead of once. The bullet still doesn't shoot from where I want it.

  • How would I jump twice instead of once. The bullet still doesn't fire where I want it to.

    To twice jump, you must create your own event-based jumping.

    Set bullet's angle to choose his direction.

  • I fixed the bullet problem

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