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  • I feel bad about making so many threads, so I'm just going to post a bunch in here as I go. I hope that's okay. It's just that the documentation for Construct is shaky and I'm really into this project.

    I have two layouts now, and in each layout there are several doors in each layout. I intend to add more layouts and have them be interconnected. Now, let's say my character walks through one door. I have a few problems. How can I control where he comes out in the other layout based on which door he went in on the first layout? I don't want him to appear at a random location. I'd like it to be fluid, so the player says, 'oh, this door connects here, and that door connects there.'

    Secondly, I'm not certain about the common practice for including sheets in multiple layouts. Is there a way to easily just include all the movement and action events in each layout (because my character will always be on the layout and these will never change)? I've tried 'including the event sheet' but my character doesn't retain his animation (really just a flip depending on what direction he's going) and the sound effects for walking are non-existent as well. Hmm.

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  • First Question, no clue.

    Second Question:

    I don't know about the "including the event sheet" problem. I use this in my project for enemy and player movement and other things and it's just working fine.

    Maybe the objects (or animation or behaviour) from one layout aren't avaible in the other layout to make the events work? Or maybe you're using Activate/Deactivate Groups. This still applies after changing to another layout (If deactivated from event, it stays deactivated).

    Oh, and it doesn't matter if you ask a lot of question. I did this too.

  • I have made a simple example that should cover all your questions. Look closely at the cap (done with .84), it is important to see that the player sprite is marked as global, where the player movement control sheet is included (it may not be important in this very simple example, but in general you have to remember that the order of events are of prime importance) and how one global variable is used to distinguish from which direction the sprite came from.


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