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  • Hi I have 2 objects in a family. I have an area in game. I try;

    1-) for each object if they move to left/right/up/down from center I want them to scale up. Actually I can do that. There is not any problem with that. The problem is, I used family codes to do that but if only blue object moves x and y scale works. if yellow one moves there is nothing happening. Besides that, if blue object moves it scales both objects. But they have 2 private variables to scale each other with their own position.

    Here is my work:

    Yeah I can write same code seperately but I'm planning to create maybe 20 objects like them. Plus if I do everything seperately whats the point of family(class) function. It mess's the code area.

    2-) Also I couldn't succeed on bounce for those two objects when they collide. They collide with sprite 3(which is oval line around the stadium) with no problem. But they don't bounce with each other. When I try that they goes inside from each other. So thats why I gave them solid behaviour. And beceause of that they don't bounce on sprite 3 everytime.

    I hope I could explain my problem enough.

    Oh and I added first event's first code (for each items) at last time and I forgot to delete it. Anyway It does nothing already.

    Thank you

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