Family HP substracting fail [Solved]

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  • I am back with yet another problem!

    I'm making a shmup level (yay my game is multigenre errr that's unimportant). In the begining, I have programmed each player's bullet vs. enemy collsion event separately for each enemy type, but that lagged A LOT, so I put all of the enemies hitbox objects into 1 family, so I have only 1 event. It looks like this:

    For each bullet:

    On collision between *enemy family* and bullet - > substract POW value from *enemy family*'s value HP

    (POW value is amount of damage done by a bullet, so I can change it to make a weapon more or less powerful)

    AND, with this event, bullet does disappear when it hits the enemy, but it doesn't do any damage. :P

    How can I make baddies destructible once again? <img src="smileys/smiley9.gif" border="0" align="middle" />


    So I repaired it by... eh it's too weird to explain, but yeah it works once again! However, the framerate didn't improve THAT much...

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