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  • Hi,

    I m new here, and let me say how great this community seems to be :p

    I just discovered Construct few days ago, and I love to play with it and test the possibilities !

    However I'm kind of blocked now. I searched on the forum, on the doc, on you tube / Google, tutorials but didn't found how to realize my effect.

    I would like to make some random falling object(ball) on a platform game, that, when touching the ground, just remain there, but when character kicks them, will shoot in two directions(left and right).

    So,I thought that I could use a particles system, but it cant interact with solid object, so I was wondering if someone got an idea of how I can create objects(ball) that would appear randomly from top and remain on ground when touch it or the character kicks it..

    Someone could help me please ?

    Anyway thank you very much, and thank for this incredible engine ! :)

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  • F'course we can help you. :) The first thing you must know while working with Construct (or any game building engine) is that to think in multiple ways how to cheat reality and use the tools you're given.

    So, let's say that we have a ball falling.

    1. Create a ball object.

    2. Set ball position to X,Y.

    3. Ball object, apply movement type: physics.

    4. On collision with obstacle - ball object movement: static.

    5. On collision with player - ball object angle = player angle, speed = 100 (or just any other values / change movement that suits your needs)

    There's no need for particle system to do any work here. I didn't provide you with the straight solution, but I hope I did help you to develop a kind of framework for thought. :)

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