Falling Object.

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  • Hi,

    Im new here, and let me say how great this community seems to be :p

    I just discovered Construct few days ago, and I love to play ith it and test the possibilities !

    Homever I'm kind of blocked now. I searched on the forum, on the doc, on youtube / google, tutorials but didnt found how to realise my effect:

    I would like to make some random falling object on a plateform game, that, when touching the ground, just disapear, but when touching the character, will hurt him.

    So, I tough that I could use a particles system, but it cant interact with solid object, so I was wondering if someone got an idea of how I can create objects that would appear randomly from top and disapear when touche the ground or the character.

    Someone could help me please ?

    Anyway thank you very much, and thank for this incredible engine !

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  • hi and welcome.

    have you tried experimenting with the physics behavior?. i guess it could be the most straightforward solution for this, anyone else wanna correct me?

    anyway,i made a quick example .cap:


    is this what you were aiming at?

    edit: made some changes to the .cap

  • Hello Clodius !

    Thank you very much, its exactly what I was looking for !

  • Hey Clodius !

    I cant figure out whats wrong, or how you exactly did it !

    Iam trying to create random falling objects via system when the layout is starting.

    Unfortunatly, nothing fall at all.

    • Is the time scale playing an osbcure role in the process ?

    Cheers !

  • morning.

    im not on a computer where its possible to use construct at the moment,but ill try to scratch my head.

    ok so, if im correct, youre supposed to use event like so:

    "every X ticks", or "every X milliseconds". just type in the value for how often you want the object to be created.

    for example:

    -every 10 ticks

    -->create "falling object" (insert your desired layer and the width of the layout and add "random").

    not sure if thats correct,my memory could be failing.

    but if you only use the event "start of layout", it only creates ONE single falling object when the layout starts.

    so in short, every x ticks and every x milliseconds makes the object spawn with a specific rate.

    hope im not too confusing,just woke up lol.

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