Fall Faster Event help[Solved]

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  • I finally got platform behavior working right and know I'm trying to work on some custom movements, however I'm running into strange occurrences here.

    I'm an trying to make an event that allows the player to fall to the ground faster.

    While in the air the player could press down to stop all forward momentum and drop to the ground. When the player hits the ground, the animation would change, then pause, and then the player's movement will be hindered for 50 milliseconds. After the 50 milliseconds, player animation would resume, return to normal, and player would be allowed to move again.

    I ran into an issue early on. When dropping from the air after pressing down, the player tends to get stuck in the ground... and his animation doesn't change.

    The event:

    <img src="http://cdn.lts.cr/files/dfe363ab641ac16967dc/Faster%20Fall%20.png">

    The .cap: http://lts.cr/g1h

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  • I's that what you after?


    Just do one thing for me. Put all your "collison detectors" to otheer layer, couse hiding them behind sprite's is not a good idea <!-- s:) --><img src="SMILIES_PATH/icon_smile.gif" border="0" alt=":)" title="Smile"><!-- s:) -->

  • Thank you! I really need to get the logic of Construct more understood.

  • you're welcome

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