Fading out/in transition

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  • Sorry for the topic marathon (it's because of Ludum Dare), but I have several questions regarding fading.

    1) Does fading transition rely on PS 2.0?

    2) Construct comes with crossfade effect. What I am looking for is a fade out previous layout to black and then fade in the next layout. Anyone already made this kind of transition? (I may look into effects writing if nobody has already)

    3) I tried making fade in/out transition using [cross]fade transition and empty black layout. The layout would act as switcher and it will switch automatically to desired layout (I use global variable "switch_to_layout" to keep track of desired layout. It does not work with fade transition for some reason - i.e. the application terminates without a crash after second call to GoToLayout("Switch").


  • Oh, just noticed that Construct uses HLSL [Cg] for both transitions and effects. That's awesome, although I am not much familiar with HLSL [Cg].

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  • Just another 'yay!' for a 'fade through black' transition. That'd really be helpful.

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