Fade in and fade out music

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  • Hello

    Does anyone know how to make a fade in and fade out effect using the XAudio2


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  • Do you mean like positional sounds? (they get louder and quieter as you get closer to them), or pure volume fade?

    If so, then the best way is to use a global variable for volume (eg: "MusVol"), maybe a second global variable for whether to fade in/out or not at all (eg: "MusFade", 0 for no fade, -1 for out, 1 for in), then a variable for how much to fade by per second (eg: "FadeSpeed").

    Code would look something like this:

    IF MusFade = -1 & MusVol > 0 THEN MusVol = MusVol - (FadeSpeed * timedelta)

    IF MusFade = 0 THEN MusVol = 100% (I forget exactly if it's in a value between 0-1, or 0-100, or even in dB where 0 is loudest)

    IF MusFade = 1 & MusVol < 100% THEN MusVol = MusVol + (FadeSpeed * timedelta)

    That's in pseudocode (not real code of any language), so things like "MusFade" would have to be written in Construct's way like: global.value('MusFade')

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