Fade behavior not activating

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  • I have two sprites belonging to the Enemy family, both of which have the Fade behavior, not activated at start, fade in 0, wait 0, fade out 300. On having their HP dropped to 0 or below, I have an event that sets Fade to activated.

    The event works for ONE of these enemies, but not the other. The condition that starts the fade is triggering (I made it set text in a textbox as a debug method)... it's just that the 2nd sprite isn't fading!

    The only differences between the two sprites, as far as I can tell, is that,

    A) They are different sprites with different animations

    B) One has the Tint Plus effect (but I removed it, and the problem still exists)

    What more should I be hunting for? What could cause this to happen?

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  • Can you post a .cap? Have you tried using the 'start fade' action as well?

  • If you don't mind me posting my entire project (which is still in early stages), you can grab it here: http://www.2shared.com/file/4740343/c801a7ab/dusts.html

    X is slash, C is stab, Z is jump. Kill a skeleton, and note that it fades away properly. Kill the plant thingy, and it... doesn't.

    The relevant code is in the CollisionHandling sheet, under the DestroyEnemy group. The Main event sheet is where the HP of the enemy you hit is sent to the debug text box.

  • Okay, I realize that debugging an entire project is probably too much to ask people. So I think I've reduced the problem here. The files in the linked thread don't perfectly mimic the situation I'm trying to reproduce, because in my main project, one of the sprites DOES fade properly. But I believe that the problem I found there is linked to my problem here.

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