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  • Hello, I'm new to forum and construct

    I went through ghost shooter tutorial and changed it a bit, well actually I changed most of it.

    Then I clicked "Export To Exe" and made an .exe file of my game. It runs on my pc.

    but when I wanted to show it to friends it gave them error saying that they need to update their DirectX to 2008 version.

    and they have not updated their DX, I did. Can I export my game so it will run on their Default direct x? [v 9.0c]

    and second question, I have trouble understanding source of the problem Is updated DX requirement for construct Games? or when I exported and had updated dx, it copied my updated dx files into .exe?

    will I have to revert back to old DX to make exe's that run on most Computers?

    Thx in advance, and I had a great time using construct so far

  • You need to have the latest directX installed no matter what. The Xaudio2 plugin uses things from the August 2008 update. Direct X has updates every few months so just because the have directX 9 does not mean they have the latest directX. So just update it on their computer and it should work fine.

  • Microsoft release updates to DirectX periodically, but they don't change the version number from 9.0c. Exported Construct games require the August 2008 DirectX update, because it uses features that are in that update, but are not in the original 9.0c version.

    The solution is simple. Just follow the instructions the message provides, to install the DirectX update. Then it will work!

  • oh I see, Thx for replies

    I'll have some trouble forcing them to update dx

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  • Why? Many commercial games these days require a similar DirectX update.

  • Well you know how noob's are, installing something to play some other thing is major nono for many.

    the game ran fine on machines of those who are into gaming though, so I don't see much problem with this dx requirement.

    here's btw how I modified the ghost shooter tutorial

    http://rapidshare.com/files/234601810/G ... r.exe.html

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