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  • I just ran through the Ghost Shooter Tutorial. I kept trying to export the file as an .exe, and it appeared to succeed multiple times; however no .exe was created.

    I tried exporting with and without python, with and without an installer, and with and without launching immediately after export. None of these work.

    I saved my work as a .cap file, closed up shop and decided to come back another day. But, when my wife got home, I wanted to show her my progress.

    I went to open the save file, and it doesn't exist on my computer. I see a shortcut to it, and Construct has it in recent files, but the actual .cap file doesn't exist anywhere.

    I'm really loving Construct Classic, but I won't be able to get very far if I have to start from scratch every session.

    What is going on? Would a reinstall help?

  • Are you running it as an administrator? Try right-clicking the icon and selecting that from the context menu if you're using Windows Vista or 7

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  • If Win7, remember you initially don't have rights to save off the c:\Program Files root. You are meant to save in <user>/My Documents path.

  • Administrator mode allows me to save as an exe and a .cap, which is great.

    For the record, I was saving in My Documents and still needed administrator mode.

    I am still having the problem saving if creating an installer. As before, saving with an installer appears to work, but does not create any files.

    Thanks for the help so far. We're very close to having it all working.

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