explination for a specific crash & a bug

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  • 1/ the crash

    Ashley i finaly tracked down the cause of 90% of the crashes i had last days.

    I been so stupid to make a private variable.

    Make it numeric by accident.

    Give it a string as start value.

    But in the events/actions i gave it string value's.


    Crashes all over.

    Not able to delete the object holding the private variable in the layout editor.

    Accessing the objects private variables to check/change whats gooing on = a crash

    Accessing other objects private variables = crash.

    Make a new private variable in any object = crash

    I was able to fix my .cap by

    changing each event/action that treathed the private variable as beeing a string to a numeric value.

    Then everything returned to normal.

    PlZzzzzzzzzzzz "syntax error" this out, because its an easy error to make.

    2/ the bug

    Dragging a blok of events under a comment, so they make up a tree, with the comment as top branche ...

    Makes the whole blok events dissapear.

    They just poof.

    Undo dont bring em back.

    very scaring !!!!!!!

  • Yeah, that's a pretty big oversight. Construct should determine when this is inappropriate and disallow it.

  • #1 - I can't reproduce this. I've given a Sprite object with a private variable of 'Number' type an initial value of "Hello". It works fine, all that happens is the runtime interprets the text as a number, which does not crash - usually it just gives the variable a starting value of 0. You should send or upload a .cap that crashes so I can take a look, since it doesn't sound like initial values are a problem...

    #2 - I'll take a look soon, could you add it to the bug tracker?

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  • Ugh i can not reproduce the crash too.

    Changing that private variable to numeric does not crash now.

    And any new .cap i make, trying to reproduce, dont crash.

    But see Ashley, i noticed in a .bak.cap that the variable was set too numeric.

    After step by step gooing trough the whole dang thing.

    10 other backups crashed. Even after a reboot.

    I was like sure i would have to start over.

    Then i had the idea to change every event and action adressing this private variable to numeric sets.

    And suddenly the .cap worked again.

    The weird thing is: also the 10 backups that crashed yesterday, dont crash today.

    Sounds weird huh ? i know.

  • It sounds like you need to restart your computer more often.

    In any case, I don't feel Construct should allow this mismatch. Ashley, would there be any practical use for this?

  • No practical use. Since it is misleading, I've made a change for the next build. If you type text for the value, but leave the type as Number, it changes the value to 0 (which is what the runtime would interpret it as anyway).

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