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  • I live in france, and I join here, because I meet a probleme with my project exe,my project executable (works perfectly on my pc) and before continuing my project I want to know what is the problem

    why my application does not work on another pc apparently,I post here,So I will be grateful to test and tell me if it works for you, thank you in advance <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    it is compatible with a joystick xbox360

    and he is 720p

    my config is i5 2500k windows7x64bits, radeon 6950cu2 (2048MB)

    the problem is it (dep)data e prevention? directx? card video? resolution of my sprite?

    videos on youtube (search BRAINBIN74) or


    downlowd executable


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  • I get a black screen with a blue square, a HUD and some music playing. I can control the blue square with the arrow keys but can't seem to do much else. Here is a screenshot of how it looks imgur.com/w214s

    I don't really know what the problem could be, but how are you loading your images in the game - are they embedded in the .exe or are you loading them from directories at runtime? If it's the latter maybe check your paths.

  • thank you very much for the help, this is exactly the same problem, that the person who has tested my exe here, it looks like this is tasteless behavior problem that remains, I will turned off, to see if it corrects the problem, normally black sprite is destroyed once the text passed ... I'll repost an exe and sent a new link

    thank you very much for the help and screenshoot

  • resolved


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