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  • I don't know if this should go in the Documentation sub forum or here, feel free to move it.

    Could the source of the demo programs be released as examples. Actually the more sample projects there are available the better (maybe a collection on the wiki?). It doesn't have to be fully documented like the Ghost tutorial. I think a lot of people can figure things out by just reading through an existing working demo project. What do you think?



  • Hello and welcome to the forum,

    In the near future, there should be more example games, I agree though that the tech demos should be opensource. You can check out the examples in the Upload forum, or the Creations forum where some people release their .cap for others to learn from.

    In addition, the Templates which come with Construct (New -> Template) should help you learn.


  • Great, I did look at the templates and that helped but somehow I completely missed the upload forum!


  • Captain Oblivious has helped me greatly with getting animations to work on my platform game, so I'll make a platform example this evening.

  • I've been planning on making a set of classic games (eg. snake, space invaders...) in Construct for this purpose. I'd probably throw them in as templates. It's a very good idea. Also, if anybody else wanted to make some example games for templates, I'd happily put them in - I plan on having a large collection if possible for the 1.0 release.

    Also, you can find the .cap for the 'Rain demo' here - although I'm not sure if its exactly the same version as on the site. Oh, and the events are a bit of a mess

  • I have a basic platform example here:

  • Wow, great I will be checking these out this weekend . 1.0 is going to be awesome. I will make my own starter projects available as examples as I get further a long.

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