What are these errors?

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  • I've gotten these errors from time to time, and I don't know what they do or mean, so i thought i'd ping the devs.

    When launching the runtime,

    Error loading MENUBLOCK


    Error loading APPBLOCK

    occasionally appear and don't let runtime start. However, clicking ok, then re-launching supposedly fixes the problem.

    I just got the error loading APPBLOCK one, and now it seems that my game crashes randomly sometimes. Any ideas?

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  • I get those too occasionally. I've never gotten them with my own projects though, just other people's.

    Another one I get is:

    No disk in drive
    [Abort] [Retry] [Cancel]
    But it doesn't matter which button you click, the game will start anyway.
    And again, it's never happened with my own projects.  It only happens when I'm running other people's.  I've never been able to isolate what causes this so I can't really write up a good bug report on it
  • That's odd. The APPBLOCK thing means no data was attached to the runtime EXE, so it's a blank EXE. No idea why that would happen. Doesn't seem to prevent functionality, though.

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