Error: "Failed to load plugin (126)"

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  • I've been trying out Construct stuff on multiple computers recently so I can get an idea of what levels of computers have which pixel shaders and the like and how well they handle Construct apps. Today I was going to try it out on the school computers (don't worry, I got the OK from a teacher first...) which are all identical Dell boxes, about 1.8 ghz, 256MB RAM (some oddly have 512 instead), probably integrated graphics and running Windows 2000.

    Anyway, I went through the process of updating DirectX and that worked out, but running the stand-alone I'm met with this:

    <img src="">

    Now, I checked the Temp folder and the 3.csx it mentions was definitely created by the stand alone and existed at that moment. However it seems that it was unable to access it or could access it but not fully load it.

    I suspected maybe that it was out of RAM (256MB total isn't much) and killed a ton of processes, making about 100MB free, but that didn't make a difference. Plus, I just checked on this computer and the game only takes up 30MB while running.

    I did a quick search on this forum before posting, and I found a similar one but the number in parentheses at the end was a 998 and not 126 like mine. I imagine that makes a difference, so I'm asking.

    It is a Construct problem, a little Windows misconfiguration, or is the computer just not capable?

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  • I looked up error 126. It means "The specified module could not be found". Are you sure the file existed there?

    If the file exists, my best guess is that being a school computer, it has restricted permissions on what applications can do. Are you logged on as administrator? If you're not, it might be a Construct bug: it's using the Administrator user directory when you're logged in to a different user.

  • I'm extremely sure the file existed there-- I browsed to the folder and stared straight at it.

    Now actually, this particular school computer is an oddball-- since it's not in a public space like the library and is an older box it's been neglected in the corner of a classroom for YEARS by the school's techs. It predates any of their restrictions (which aren't much, even on the newer boxes we can still execute programs freely with the only restriction being that the computer restores itself from an image on reboot) and is basically free as a bird apart from the internet filter that's network-wide. The thing's basically taken over by students, and it's loaded with games and other programs that work absolutely fine.

    I don't remember if it logs in as Administrator, but chances are it does. I'll have a look tomorrow. Might be a good idea to check what Construct is doing though just in case.

  • Sorry to bump an old thread, but some folks over at TIGS are experiencing this error with someone's game and I think it'd be nice to help them out

    Any new info on what this means? Is it the admin privileges thing? I searched around the forum here and couldn't find any hard info on these "Failed to load plugin" errors.

  • Hmm, in a few cases the problem was solved by installing/extracting to another location. Especially when you normally extract your stuff in restricted/secure folders; system partitions can be problematic, too (I installed Construct on Windows 7 partition and it spat error out, then I reinstalled it onto non-system partition and it works great.)

    Or extract to desktop, the user should have all permissions there.

  • Do they have Data Execution Prevention (DEP) turned on? That causes some plugins to fail to load in 0.98.9 - it's fixed in 0.99 though.

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