Error while opening the game.

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  • Hi. The first time I created a .exe to my game, it showed an error when it reach a determinated layout (the Stage 1) and crashed. This wasn't a big deal - the game inside Construct was working normally. However, today, I openned the game and when I tried to run it (inside Cinstruct), it crashed and sayed to Debug the project - wich crashes too. It just happen when I reach to that layout - the others are OK. An older versionof the same game crashed too, but the oldest one openned OK. Please help! These are the prints I take: the first one from the running and the other from the debuging:

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    .cap --> here

    EDIT: Coudn't find the error yet, but I belive it's on Construct, since a put on my friend's PC and worked OK, then I put on my other PC and it was OK too.

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