Error with loading: expecting class (CObj), but recieved (bj

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  • YAAAY i found a new error message!

    Error with loading: expecting class (CObj), but recieved (bj)

    never got that one before. Does someone know what it means? It doesn't make any sens at all.

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  • The .cap just got corrupted. I really badly want to fix all these errors, can you remember what you did just before the error appeared? Can you send your .cap to me as well?

  • The one thing i remember is that the exact moment the error message popped up i wasn't doing anything at all. I was pausing and thinking what do do next. I'm really sorry, but the .cap is lost in an infinite number of backups and saves for my game. i'll send it to you if i get it again.

  • So wait, I thought this message only ever came up when you were opening a .cap file - you already had your .cap open, you weren't doing anything, then that popped up? Were you in the Layout editor?

  • hmm... i can't really remember, but i think so..

    if it sounds really impossible that this could have happened, keep in mind that my memory might have a 7-10% chance of failing to recall the situation. might have been an other error message that time, but i don't thinks so.

  • Ok, i got it again. Now i was talking with my friend in msn, and when i returned to construct and tried to run the app. i got "and invalid texture was referenced. this is a bug, please report it" then i got some other message that i accidentaly clicked away (it was a large one i remember) then i closed the app and tried to open it again i got the mysterious "Error with loading: expecting class (CObj), but recieved (bj"

    Note that the program did not crash. it just couldn't run the app, so i closed it myself.

    Edit: wait, her's the other message:

    Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

    Runtime error!

    Program: *lots of folders*\Application Data\Scirra\Temp.exe

    abormal program termination

  • After I play my game and close it I receive message: an invalid texture was referenced scirra. This is a bug report it. I have some *.obj 3Dmodels in my game. The Construct version I'm using is 0.99.96. Can anybody help me with this issue?

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