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  • When I try to load a file I get the flowing error:

    "Failed to load application: Error with loading: expecting class

    (CEditorParam), but received (*

    *To change this template, choose Tools| T)"

    I looked through the forums and found one other case of someone with a similar problem. Turns out their file was corrupted. The difference with their case though was that the error was empty in the parentheses for their "but received" part. So I'm hoping I'm at least able to salvage some of my project. I have a backup but it's pretty outdated. And it wasn't until after the problem arose I learned about the auto backup file feature. So things look pretty grim right now.

    Here's a copy of the .cap file

    *problem resolved, link removed*

    I'm actually wanting to keep this project sort of under wraps so I'll be taking the link down as soon as I get my answers. I'd appreciate it if you alter the file and post it on your own space you remove it as soon as I get a hold of it. Sorry, I'm paranoid like that.

    Thanks for any help.

  • There was some php text in the middle of your cap. It only affected the event sheets and was able to recover 98 of the 125 event sheets. I'd recommend running checkdisk or some other file system checker on your hard drive to ensure it's integrity.

  • That's a lot better news than I was expecting, glad to hear it. Thanks for your help.

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  • You're welcome. I sent you the file via PM.

  • I got it. Thanks again.

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